28 May, 2024

How to Write an ATS-Friendly Resume?

The majority of job seekers don’t even know that 75 per cent of job applications are never read by humans. Before your resume reaches the recruiter, it must pass through an application tracking system. ATS or Application Tracking Systems are of the most advanced technologies that have revolutionised the recruitment sector. It doesn’t matter how beautifully you write a cover letter or customise your resume, there always a high chance of negligence if it is not ATS-friendly. It takes a few seconds to review and reject the resume. If you are finding it difficult to find the desired job in the market, know everything about the ATS and prepare a resume accordingly. Nowadays, almost all recruitment service providers in Sydney use Application Tracking System to find right candidates in the competitive employment sector of NSW.   Let’s Get Started!

What is Application Tracking Systems or ATS?

It is a new-age resume tracking software tool, used by recruiters and hiring managers to collect, scan and sort the job applications to streamline the process. ATS makes it super easy for organisations to create a pool of potential candidates for vacant positions, saving time and energy. Believe it or not! 99 per cent of Fortune 500 companies use ATS software to boost the efficiency of their recruitment process. It can help all types and sizes of companies to hire right human resources in the most effective manner. Most of the time, your resume goes to the ATS database. After that, the software scans it for specific keywords and assess your qualifications and potential skills for the desired role. If you want to get hired quickly, ensure you have customised your resume as per the ATS guidelines. Below are some great tips and hacks to help you write ATS-friendly resume with ease:

Choose the Right File Type

Of course, PDF is one of the best formats to preserve the design and format of your file. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with all ATS tools. You can check the different file formats options available on the list when uploading your resume to an applicant tracking system. It is always good to play safe and upload a word file of your document. You can also use the pre-designed resume templates that are easily available on the internet. It will keep the format and design intact and increase your visibility chances.

Add Relevant Job Title

Write a clear, brief and attention-grabbing job title when creating an ATS-friendly resume. It is good to add the exact job title in your resume headline and allow recruiters to search you via the ATS quickly and efficiently. Many companies offering recruitment services in Sydney use the ATS tool to streamline their process and hire best people for their clients.

Do not Put Important Details in the Footer/Header

ATS takes a few seconds to reject your resume. This means most of these software tools do not even read the entire resume. So, never mention important details about your qualification in the header or footer. Also, avoid this fate by adding contact details such as phone number and email address outside the footer or header of your resume.

Add ATS-friendly Keywords

To make your resume ATS-friendly, you will need to optimise by using right keywords. Using right and targeted keywords representing soft skills and hard skills can play a pivotal role and help your resume to get noticed by the ATS. You can even quality for the job if you add relevant keywords related to the specific job description.

Wrapping up

These are some of the best ways to create an ATS-friendly resume and get your dream job in the Sydney’s competitive employment sector.

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