Choosing Referees

Your referees comments will play an important part in validating what a potential employer has gleaned from your resume and observed through the interview process.

Referees should be people who can speak with unbiased authority about your previous employment performance. Typically, they will be asked to confirm or comment on the following:

  • Title of your role, dates of employment and to whom you reported
  • Your responsibilities and achievements
  • Your key skills, knowledge and capabilities
  • Your ability to work with others
  • Your strengths and areas for development
  • Your leadership or management ability and style
  • The style of leadership or management to which you best responded
  • Their understanding of your reasons for leaving
  • Their perception of your suitability for the role for which you are in contention
  • Their willingness to re-hire you in the future
  • Any other information that is reasonably salient to the decision-making process.

Always seek the permission of your referees before providing their details to a potential employer. Referees might include any of the following :-

  • Current or former managers
  • Current or former peers
  • Current or former direct reports
  • Customers
  • Suppliers.


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