Our Passion

What drives our PASSION 

BlueStone Personnel is one of Australia’s leading recruitment solutions firms providing expert services for the recruitment of qualified, professional and skilled people across a range of professions. The driving force behind our successful business operating model is our National Accounts Director, Ruth Elford.


When Ruth was a young teenager, family circumstances dealt her family a terrible blow with the premature death of her brother in a drowning accident. Her father did not cope with the death of his son, he lost his job and went into the depths of depression for several years. Ruth, showing great resourcefulness and maturity beyond her tender years, embarked on her first work experience. Showing selfless concern for her family and younger siblings, Ruth ventured into the world of work to feed and support her parents and siblings.


With a huge responsibility on her young shoulders, Ruth entered the workforce in the field of customer service. From humble beginnings as a 'petrol pump operator' at the local service station, Ruth learnt first hand the importance of providing exceptional customer service. Even at that young age, Ruth did much more than her job required. Not only did she pump petrol for customers, she consistently went beyond her duties time and time again.


Besides pumping petrol, Ruth would also check radiator and oil levels, as well as washing windscreens and checking·tyre pressures. All of this was done·with a friendly smile on her face, despite the calamities of a broken family life. The gratitude and appreciation of her customers gave Ruth an eviable reputation in her small country town as a woman committed to exceptional customer service and committment to her duties. This same dedication and commitment was also shown in her work as a florist and later as a successful business owner and operator of a profitable restaurant business.


Passion, enthusiasm and dedication to her·customers constantly provides Ruth with the·motivation for what she does. Each day Ruth strives to make the world a better place in more than one way. Not only does she help business become more efficient and profitable, but she also helps workers achieve their career aspirations and positively influence the world around them. What better way to get satisfaction and meaning to life than to help people achieve a rich, meaningful and abundant life.


That's what drives Ruth each and every day. And all of this is acheived through uncompromised service, honesty and integrity on every assignment.


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