Writing Job Briefs

Many organisations find it difficult to attract and select the right staff. In a skills short market, competition for the best talent is intense. That's why it helps to be very clear about exactly what you need, well before you start your search. Addressing the following points may assist you to develop a robust job brief :-

The Organisation

  • History
  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Values
  • How is the organisation performing and against what measures? (eg financial etc.)
  • Who are its key competitors?
  • What are its greatest challenges?
  • What makes it a great place to work?


The Job

  • Where does the role fit in the context of the wider organisation?
  • What is the purpose of the role?
  • What are the key responsibilities?
  • How will performance be measured?
  • Who does the role report to?
  • Will the role manage others?
  • Is the role an autonomous one?
  • What training and development opportunities will be offered?
  • What opportunities for career progression exist?
  • Is this a full time, part time or contract role?
  • What sort of flexibility can be offered to the successful applicant?
  • Will the role require frequent travel?
  • What will the salary package consist of?
  • What other benefits are offered?
  • By what date do you require the successful candidate?


The Person (their form, their fit, their future?)

  • What skills must the successful applicant have?
  • What skills are desirable?
  • What knowledge must the successful applicant have?
  • What knowledge is desirable?
  • What experience must the successful applicant have?
  • What experience is desirable?
  • What qualifications or certificates must the successful applicant have? (eg LLB/CA/CPA)
  • What qualifications are desirable?
  • What sort of person will be successful in the role and why?
  • What personality or behavioural traits will be highly regarded?
  • What personality or behavioural traits won't be well regarded?
  • What leadership or management style will the successful candidate display?
  • What longer-term motivations will the successful candidate express?
  • How will you know when you've met the right person?


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