Being in Demand

There are fundamental changes occurring to the way in which executives around the world now find great jobs. BlueStone Personnel was founded to help executives and professionals across our region harness the opportunities created by this change.

We will help you to understand the most effective ways to secure the best opportunities in the market. Often these opportunities will not be advertised.

To start with, if you haven’t already done so, we recommend that you create a career profile on the professional networking site, LinkedIn. We also suggest that you submit your CV to BlueStone Personnel.

By ensuring that your background, capability and details are readily searchable, you will increase the likelihood of being contacted about suitable employment opportunities. Additionally, you may consider attending industry events, presenting at industry forums and similar to enhance your market profile.

We suggest you return "personal" calls promptly. A headhunt call will not usually be advertised as such. Make sure that any assistant who may field your calls is not hindering your prospects by screening your calls too officiously.

Always be prepared to listen to a head hunter’s brief, even if you may be relatively happy in your current position. If you are too dismissive of an approach, you are not likely to be contacted again in the future. Similarly, if you are asked by a head hunter for possible referrals, do your best to think of some suitable candidates without compromising your current employer.  Many successful careers have been built on relationships with headhunters.


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