Interview Guide

Success Tips

An invitation to an interview means you have already convinced a potential employer that you are capable of filling the role. A face-to-face meeting is your opportunity to convince them you are the best candidate available to fill that role. The interview is also your opportunity to decide if the role and the company are right for you. Remember, the employer is looking to fill a gap in their business and looking for reasons to hire you – so RELAX and BE YOURSELF. There is no need to be anxious or nervous. You may just the person they are looking for in their business.

The following tips will help your interview go smoothly and give you the best opportunity for success :-

  • Be Punctual – Arrive Just Before Interview Time

Plan your route in advance and allow time for transport or traffic problems. If you are running late, call your BlueStone Personnel or the interviewer to apologise and advise them of your expected arrival time.

  • Good Presentation

Good presentation requires more than correct corporate attire and grooming. Shake hands with confidence, remember to smile and maintain regular eye contact.

  • Knowledge is Power

Research the company. Visit their website, and brief yourself on their main products and services, recent performance, client base, competitors, values and locations. Ask your BlueStone Personnel consultant what insight they can provide too.

Prepare some questions to ask the interviewer, to show your interest and assist you to stand out. For example:

  • ‘How do you invest in people and career development?’

  • ‘How has the business changed over the past year?’

  • ‘What new products or services do you have in the pipeline?’

  • 'Why has the position become available?'

  • Leave a Positive Impression

Leave the interview on a positive note and thank the interviewer/s for their time. Contact your BlueStone Personnel consultant as soon as possible after leaving and share the experience with them.


Quick Tips to Remember

  • Be polite, be honest, be yourself

  • Think before you answer any question

  • Show your interest and energy

  • Accentuate the positive reasons for wanting to leave your current job

  • Don’t be negative about past employers or colleagues

  • Explain what makes you unique and how you could make a difference


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