Company Research

Research will reward

By understanding a business you can better evaluate the work they do and if it suits you. Research will also assist you to identify the kind of qualities the employer may be looking for and the kind of information you should highlight in your resume and cover letter.

Knowledge of a company’s background will also give you confidence in an interview and show potential employers that you have an interest in their company, understand their values and objectives.

Follow the steps below to assist you focus your research:

  • Company Websites

From history to corporate values, company sites are a great place to start your research. However, while this source is guaranteed to provide informative promotional material, you will need to explore further resources to gain a balanced perspective.

  • Press Releases, News, Industry Sites

Investigating a company’s online presence through relevant newswires and trade publications will give you a more comprehensive understanding of what they have or haven’t achieved in the past 12 months. You can also learn more about the direction the company is moving in and how they compete in the current market.

  • Social Networking Sites

Many companies use social networking for colleague communication and recruitment purposes. Sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter may assist you to find information on companies and specific industries.

  • Real World Networking

Where possible, gain an inside perspective through an acquaintance who has been involved with a company. Personal recommendations and experiences offer insights into a working culture. Use your discretion to evaluate this information and remain objective.

  • Want More Information? Just Ask

Don’t be afraid to call the company’s main help desk to request brochures or advice as to where you can find out more. Their Human Resource department may even be able to supply you with a more detailed job description.

  • Understand their Competitors

Research the companies competing in the same space as the organisation you are looking to work with. Demonstrating knowledge of industry key players will also impress the employer.

By undertaking the above mentioned steps, you will show your employer that you are interested in the position and the success of their business. Employers want staff who are committed to their organization and embrace their culture, values and interests.


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