Code of Conduct

BlueStone Personnel is bound by a strict Code of Conduct within the recruitment industry as part of their professional membership with the Recruitment & Consultants Association of Australia (RCSA).

The RCSA are a peak regulatory body that oversee the professional standing of the recruitment industry and ensure that ALL members abide by the industry regulations. In order to oversee the professional conduct of members, the RCSA established the RCSA Professional Practice Council who are tasked with reviewing the information and education provided to Members with respect to Professional Practice, particularly related to the development of Best Practice. The Professional Pracice Council also monitor ethics matters and provides direction and guidance to the RCSA in terms of ensuring compliance and training addresses industry needs.

Code of Conduct Principles

BlueStone Personnel, being a member of the RCSA, is bound by the following Code of Conduct principles :-

  • Confidentiality and Privacy:·· Observe a high standard of ethics, probity, and professional conduct

  • Honest Dealings:   Must act honestly in all dealings with candidates, clients, consultants and members

  • Respect for Work Relationships:·· Must not undertake to jeopardise unlawfully a candidate's engagements or interfere in work relationships established by others

  • Respect for Laws:   Must comply with all legal, statutory and government requirements

  • Respect for Safety:  Must act diligently is assessing occupational health and safety risks.

  • Respect for Certainty of Engagement:   Must ensure that candidates are given details of their work conditions.

  • Professional Knowledge:   Must work to develop a satisfactory and up to date level of relevant professional knowledge.

  • Good Order:   Are encouraged to use a process of negotiation, mediation, and arbitration to resolve disputes.  

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