Social Responsibility

Business Responsibilities

BlueStone Personnel believe that we, as a company, have a responsibility to assist the community. As such, BlueStone Personnel believe that :-

  • Work gives people dignity and a sense of community and belonging.

  • Work drives local and global economies.

  • Work is a key factor in contributing to the well-being of society at large.

We are conscious of our role in helping to shape the workplace for the better. It is our corporate social responsibility to support a better work and better life for all those we do business with.  Specifically, we are committed to ensuring that the evolving labour market encourages inclusive social integration and provides opportunities for individual development.

Being a responsible corporate citizen, we believe in the principles of fairness, honesty and accountability. To this end, an integrated, principled approach is the key, centering on :-

  • Compliance: Ensuring we always comply with local legislation and international rules in our daily business

  • Excellence: Meeting or exceeding our clients and candidates expectations

  • Improvement: Monitoring our performance and striving to continually improve our service

  • Transparency: Disclosing reliable and factual information, as necessary or required by law. 


People Responsibilities

As a leader in our industry, we endeavour to meet labour market challenges and ensure a sustainable future in a global workplace. We concentrate on three areas of activity where we can make a difference :-

  • Safety: Ensuring a safe working environment by adhering to Health & Safety obligations

  • Skills: Supporting the acquisition and transfer of valuable skills in the workplace

  • Integration: Compliance with equal employment opportunity and the advancement of women in business.

BlueStone Personnel places value on enabling people to fulfill their potential, and we believe in the benefits of providing our clients with a diverse and multi-talented workforce. 


Environmental Impact Responsibilities

BlueStone Personnel environmental policy contains commitments to minimise the environmental impact of our operations by reducing harmful emissions and waste. In particular, this policy covers :-

  • Saving, where practicable, electricity and other energy used in the running of our offices and infrastructure.

  • Reducing the amount of paper used by placing emphasis on the use of electronic documents.

  • Encouraging our business units to take the environment into consideration when procuring goods and services.

  • Participation in recycling programs for office consumables (eg. Ink cartridges), paper, cans and bottles.

While the above examples highlight some of our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, BlueStone Personnel continue investigating new ways to help the environment.


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