Career Planning

The vast majority of executives and professionals today don’t have a career plan. Ask most people how they secured the job they’re in and you’ll normally hear an engaging story of happenstance: “I was at a dinner party and an old friend suggested I contact their next door neighbour about an opportunity.

While people in your networks often have insight into your capabilities and might at times identify opportunities that may suit you, taking the unplanned career approach won’t always fully leverage your capability. Having an idea of where you want to end up will help you to plan the journey, and speaking to the right people may open your mind to opportunities you had never considered.

BlueStone Personnel leverage a unique Career Review process to assist senior candidates with their career planning. We encourage you to complete a Career Review document prior to meeting with us. This usually takes about one hour. It has helped many executives to evaluate their longer-term career direction and priorities.

Specially tailored career programs and support

In a rapidly changing external environment, we sometimes need highly tailored support. You may want a new job, or might be unhappy in your current role. Perhaps you're uncertain of your future direction or may not be succeeding in your job search. You might be facing redundancy or be at a career crossroad.

BlueStone Personnel have highly specialist Career Managers who have helped thousands of executives to clarify their career objectives and secure meaningful employment. Contact one of our speciialist consultants to discuss how a tailored Career Program may further your professional and financial requirements.


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