Employee Wants

What do employees want from work? There are five factors that must be present in your workplace for your employees to be happy and motivated at work. Your employees need respect, to be members of the in-crowd, to impact decision making about their jobs, to have the opportunity to grow and develop, and access to reasonable leadership. The following describe what employees want from work

  • Respect is the fundamental right of every employee in every workplace. If people feel as if they are treated with respect, they usually respond with respect and dignified actions. Part of respect is praise and feedback so people know how they are doing at work.

  • Employees want to feel as if they are members of the in-crowd. This means that they know and have access to information as quickly as anyone else in your workplace.

  • Employees want to learn new skills, develop their capabilities, and grow their knowledge and careers. Making developmental opportunities available to each employee demonstrates your commitment to helping them develop their careers. They appreciate this.

  • Employees want to have an impact on decisions that are made about their jobs. Employee involvement and employee empowerment help to create engaged employees willing to put forth their discretionary energy for the business.

  • Employees do want leadership. They want a sense of being on the right track, going somewhere that has been defined and is important. They like being part of something bigger than themselves. Employees like to know that someone, who is trustworthy is in charge.

If these five factors existed in ever workplace, productivity, motivation, and happiness would soar.


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