Starting Employment

Beginning a new job for most people is an exhilarating experience. Usually, your new role offers the promise of further challenges and career development.

Early on it will be important to build relationships. Spend time learning about each of your colleagues to build their trust and confidence. Listen and learn. Observe carefully how the more successful people in your new work environment behave.

Solicit regular feedback from your direct manager, peers and direct reports. Your colleagues assistance in shaping your performance may be invaluable. Early success in your new role will improve your confidence levels and promote further success.

Remember that during your first few months in your new role, you may go through periods of self-doubt and uncertainty about whether you have made the right career decision. This is normal. When the initial excitement and optimism about the new role wears off and you are faced with significant work challenges, it is usual for people to question themselves. Talk to your manager or a colleague at this time to enlist their support.  Often you'll just need some encouragement, direction and reassurance. Alternatively, contact your Consultant at BlueStone Personnel to seek their counsel.


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