Employment Offers

Remember the old adage, "Organisations hire on skills and fire on fit?"

If you receive a job offer, you will almost certainly have demonstrated that you have many of the skills and much of the knowledge necessary to do the job. If there are skills or knowledge that you don't already have, these are things that are readily trainable and part of normal career development.

It is much harder (some would say, almost impossible) to "learn" to "fit".

Therefore, in assessing a job offer, BlueStone Personnel firstly encourages you to consider how well you believe you will fit i.e. asking yourself the following :-

  • Do the values espoused (and lived) by the organisation align with my own?
  • Does the organisational "culture" align with my work style and personality?
  • Do I respect the person to whom I will be reporting?
  • Do I respect the team I will be working with?
  • Will my motivations for changing jobs be fulfilled in this organisation?

If you are satisfied that the organisational fit is a good one, consider what sort of future joining the organisation will afford you :-

  • What are the prospects for ongoing learning and development?
  • What are the prospects for promotion?
  • Is the organisation offering fair value for my services and commitment?
  • Do the promotional prospects align with my longer-term career goals?
  • What are the company's longer-term prospects?
  • What are the industry's longer-term prospects?


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