About BlueStone Personnel


Q.  What do BlueStone Personnel do ?

BlueStone Personnel are a specialist boutique recruitment consultancy in the Australian market. Our consultants are highly experienced, having many years of experience working for large recruitment agencies. They have large networks of clients and are adept at building strong, positive and influencial relationships with both clients and candidates alike. We aim to give you a wonderful experience every time you deal with us.


Q.  Does BlueStone Personnel provide services across a large range of industries ?

No.  BlueStone Personnel is a specialised recruitment consultancy. We recuit in only three major industry sectors - Executive Search, Health / Medical and Information & Communications Technology.


Q.  What makes BlueStone Personnel different from other recruitment agencies ?

BlueStone Personnel is far from being your normal recruitment agency. Your first experience will be memorable and impressionable. You will immediately notice our friendly, confident and approachable consultants, followed by a commitment to provide you with the best possible service. Unlike other agencies, BlueStone Personnel have a managing director who is involved with the business from the ground up.


Q.  Does BlueStone Personnel get results ?

Yes. BlueStone Personnel have recruitment consultants with extensive recruitment industry experience. They have solid networks within the business community and are able to easily build bridges between clients and candidates.


Q.  Where can I find more information about BlueStone Personnel ?

BlueStone Personnel provide extensive information about our services, values and corporate responsibilities on our website. For more information, visit the page.

Employers FAQ


Q. Will you work with every organisation in an industry sector ?

No. Unlike many executive recruitment firms, who frequently do business with the vast majority of organisations in an industry sector, we believe it is important in a skills short market to have clear "search" targets. Working with a smaller pool of organisations means we are able to headhunt more of the candidates you need.


Q. What makes BlueStone Personnel different ?

We only employ experienced consultants who have a depth of knowledge of their industries. This means we will provide you with informed counsel and we will know where and how to look for the people you need.

The leaders of BlueStone Personnel actively work in the business and have a demonstrated passion for executive search, selection, career management and outplacement.


Q. What is 'The Angels Guarantee' ?

BlueStone Personnel are so confident that we will provide quality candidates for your selection - so much so that we back it up with a Quality Guarantee for permanent placements made through us. If you employ a candidate from us and you are NOT happy with their performance, we will recruit another candidate for this role at no additional cost to you. However, you must advise us that your candidate is unsuitable within the first month of engagement. This way you can have total confidence in our recruitment process. 


Q. How do you retain your consulting staff ?

The leaders of SHK have solid industry reputations and a depth of senior leadership experience. BlueStone Personnel does not aspire to become the biggest search, selection, career management and outplacement firm. Instead, SHK offers a highly tailored and personal employment experience to the consultants who work for the company. Additionally, BlueStone Personnel affords high levels of flexibility and opportunities for staff to share in the business' success. We embrace the meaning and importance of the role we play in changing people's lives.

Candidates FAQ


Q. How often should I contact BlueStone Personnel ?

It is always best to agree a contact schedule with the consultant working to secure your next role. Usually, this will be somewhere between weekly and monthly contact, dependent on your situation and the area of the market in which you work. Always call or email the consultant you are dealing with if your situation changes or if any of your contact details change.

Q. What happens if my referee is my current manager ?

Usually, we will endeavour to speak with your referees at a time when your interest and that of the hiring organisation is confirmed and the process is in its most advanced stages. We will seek your express permission at this time to speak with your current manager. Where this is not possible, often we will also seek your permission to speak with former managers, customers, suppliers, peers and subordinates.

Q. What happens if I change my mind during the process ?

We understand that people's situations change. All we ask is that you are totally honest with us at every stage of the process. If you become less certain that you really do want to change roles, let us know immediately so we are able to effectively manage the situation.

Q. Should I be meeting with or contacting consultants from multiple recruitment firms ?

There are no restrictions on how many recruitment firms you involve in your search for a new position. It is important that you feel confident in the knowledge and capabilities of any consultants representing you.


Q. How long does it normally take to secure a new role ?

This depends greatly on a number of factors. First and foremost, do you have skills, knowledge or experience at a level that is in high demand in the market? Secondly, what is your situation? Are you in a position to hold out for your dream job or will you need to be more flexible because of your circumstances?



Q.· What are the polls about ?

BlueStone Personnel conduct polls on important topics in the recruitment industry. These polls are aimed at both employers and candidates. They relate to important topics that shape the thinking of both clients and candidates.


Q.· Why do you conduct these polls·?

These polls are conducted to provide BlueStone Personnel with important insight on emerging trends within the employment market and recruitment sector. This information helps BlueStone Personnel to remain at the forefront of the recruitment industry. This helps us deliver proactive and copntemporary services to both our client and candidates.